Pro Bono Assistance

You do not need a lawyer or a law student representative to file or respond to a CCB claim, but you may choose to retain or consult one.

Some lawyers, law school clinics, or organizations may be available to provide legal assistance or representation on a pro bono basis, which means you will not be charged for their services. It also may be possible to engage an attorney at a reduced cost. Please check back periodically because we will be adding additional pro bono resources.

Looking for help?

When assessing what type of assistance you need, please be aware that different organizations offer different levels of services:

  • Referral services: Referral services connect you with a lawyer providing services for free or at a reduced cost.
  • Consultations: Consultations are a one-time meeting between you and a lawyer in which you will discuss your legal matter. The lawyer may provide their recommended course of action and you can decide whether or not to proceed with representation.
  • Limited scope representation: Limited scope representation means the lawyer provides advice and guidance throughout the proceeding, but you’ll handle filings, conferences, and hearings yourself.
  • Full scope representation: Full scope representation means the lawyer will not only provide advice and guidance throughout the proceeding but will also handle filings, conferences, and hearings for you.

The CCB has two lists of organizations that have indicated they are willing to help CCB participants. If you are a CCB participant or potential participant, please feel free to reach out to one of these organizations for assistance.

The Law Student Representation Directory includes clinics and organizations that work with law students to represent CCB participants. The Law Student Representation Directory includes organizations that are able to provide full scope representation, from filing a claim or responding to a claim through the stages of a CCB proceeding.

Organization Name Law School Clinic or Pro Bono Organization Geographic Area the Clinic Serves Contact Name Email Address Phone Number Public Directory Information Form
George Mason University, The Arts & Entertainment Clinic Law school clinic VA Sandra Aistars [email protected] (703) 993-8158 Download form
Mitchell Hamline School of Law, IP Clinic (St. Paul, MN) Law school clinic U.S. Brett Klein [email protected] (651) 290-6407 Download form
Southwestern Law School, Entertainment and the Arts Legal Clinic (Los Angeles, CA) Law school clinic CA Orly Ravid and Jay Gendron [email protected]; [email protected] (213) 738-6602 Download form
University of Alabama, Entrepreneurship & Nonprofit Clinic Law school clinic AL Frederick Spight (205) 348-4960 Download form
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, Arts & Entertainment Law Clinic (Detroit, MI) Law school clinic U.S. Melissa Eckhause and Matthew W. Bower [email protected] (313) 596-0262 Download form
University of Puerto Rico, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Legal Aid Clinic Law school clinic PR Victor Rodriguez-Reyes [email protected] (787) 777-1385 Download form
University of Tennessee College of Law, Legal Clinic Law school clinic TN, NC, SC, and GA Brian Krumm and Eric Amarante [email protected] (865) 974-4141 Download form

The Pro Bono Assistance List, includes organizations that may provide referral services, consultations, limited scope representation, and/or full scope representation.

These organizations are typically focused on providing services and resources for individuals working in the arts and have informed the CCB that they are available to consult in CCB matters.

Organization Name Geographic Area the Organization Serves Email Address Phone Number
Colorado Attorneys for the Arts CO Meredith Badler;
[email protected]
(720) 428-6720
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts NY [email protected] (212) 319-2787 ext. 1
California Lawyers for the Arts Lawyer Referral and Information Service CA [email protected] (888) 775-8995
Lawyers for the Creative Arts IL [email protected] (312) 649-4111
Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA) Washington, DC, VA, and MD [email protected] (202) 289-4440
Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts MD [email protected] (410) 752-1633
St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts Eastern MO and Southwest IL [email protected] (314) 863-6930
Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville TN [email protected] (615) 460-8274

Are you a law school clinic or other organization that would like to be included in the Law Student Representation Directory or in the Pro Bono Assistance List?

If you are a law school clinic director and would like your clinic to be listed, please complete the Law School Clinic Public Directory Information Form. If you are a pro bono legal services organization director and your organization has a connection to a law school, complete the Pro Bono Organization Public Directory Information Form. If you are a pro bono organization that is not connected with a law school, please contact [email protected].

Please type your answers directly into the appropriate form. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Law clinics and pro bono organizations do not need to be listed to participate in CCB proceedings. For additional information about law student and pro bono organization eligibility, please review the final rule on law student representation and the CCB Handbook chapter Representation.